O'Keeffe & Company

The Challenge

Messaging That Matters

Army senior leaders identified several areas that are of top concern for Soldiers’ health and well-being – things like suicide prevention, sexual harassment/assault response and prevention, and comprehensive Soldier fitness. Leaders want to reduce negative behaviors and encourage positive ones, but they need a vehicle to break through.

The Solution

Made You

O'Keeffe & Company leveraged a medium that the audience readily accepts – videos – to relay serious messages and create entertainment value. Distributing the videos via the GTSY social network enables Soldiers to find the videos on their own – sparking cultural change organically from the bottom up, rather than just from the top down.

More Videos

Dating Game
Feed the Pipes
Stop a Fool


The Result

Making a Difference

While working with several different programs within the Army, the O'Keeffe & Company team earned top marks for its structured process, creative ideas, and precise execution.