O'Keeffe & Company

The Challenge

Trend Setters

Customers turn to CDW-G not just to buy technology, but to help them understand how the latest educational technology trends will impact schools, as well as how these trends will shape education in the short and long term.

The Solution

The Survey Says

O'Keeffe & Company worked with CDW-G's K-12 and higher education teams to create a multi-year survey that gave students, educators, IT professionals, and even administrators a baseline understanding of educational technology, then built a platform to discuss how they want to use technology, how institutions are meeting students' technology needs, and where the market can improve technology.

The Result

Summa Cum Laude

The first report launched in 2008, focusing only on higher education, and quickly grew to an annual report that included a companion report for K-12. To date, the reports have garnered more than 170 news placements, 50 media interviews, 18 industry conference presentations, and more than 3,000 sales leads.