O'Keeffe & Company

The Challenge


By 2008, BlackBerry was the leading smartphone brand, but RIM was fighting a negative stereotype that had attached to it: "CrackBerry" – an enabler of workaholism. To appeal to mid-level Federal employees, RIM needed to convince them that improving professional effectiveness would deliver personal benefits, but without reinforcing the negative stereotype or implying that government-purchased devices are for personal use.

The Solution

Micro Means Focused

O'Keeffe & Company created a central message reflecting these values: "Make more time at work. Leave more time for your life." The team developed a microsite featuring BlackBerry smartphone and accessory offers, and leveraged a targeted mix of print, online, D.C. Metro, and bus terminal advertising to drive awareness of the microsite. The campaign also included a series of field events in Federal commuter-heavy areas – providing iced coffee, free polo shirts, and more than 32,000 postcards encouraging commuters to visit the smartphone offer page.

The Result

I Heart You

The campaign increased D.C. Federal worker preference for the Blackberry brand by 18 percent. Microsite traffic exceeded all expectations, drawing 54,623 unique visitors by campaign's end, as well as more than 18,200 visits to its smartphone offers page. Finally, the field events literally touched more than 35,000 D.C. commuters, not including passersby.