O'Keeffe & Company

The Challenge

Calling all Govies

Symantec sought to improve traction and attendance to its annual Government IT Symposium. For years, the Symposium drew a few hundred attendees, and the team wanted to increase its exposure and gravity in the market, making it a "must attend" event.

The Solution

A Magic Mix

O'Keeffe & Company worked with Symantec to transition the Government IT Symposium from a single-vendor, product-focused event to a broad-based, public/private collaborative thought leadership and peer networking center.

To do this, O'Keeffe & Company engaged an advisory group, composed of government and industry representatives, to help shape the program and drive attendance; included a mix of government and industry speakers in the five new program tracks; used both push and pull strategies for the renewed public/private partnership focus; and last, but certainly not least, executed the event with precision.

The Result

Total Attendees:

1,367 (a 40% increase over 2010)
Total Speakers: 67
Gov. Speakers: 35

Government Attendance:

57% (2010 saw 44%, 2009 saw 35%)

Well Received:

"Best panel on this topic I have seen to date"
- Track C, Session 2 Attendee


1,752 (64% of pre-registrants attended, plus 244 onsite registrations)