O'Keeffe & Company

Government Symposium

Symantec challenged us to increase its total event attendees, government attendees, and pre-registration by 20 percent. We said, "That's all you got? Come on, make it hard."

U.S. Army
Senior Leader Initiative Videos

As one of the largest employers in the world, the Army has some very challenging social issues. Army leadership asked us if we could create messaging that would help change behaviors. To that we said, "Sir, yes, Sir!"

Government Technologies

What happens when you speak English, but everone else is speaking Italian? The same thing happens when what you're saying doesn't align with what you're selling – everything gets a little lost in translation. Capisce?

CDW Cloud Computing
Tracking Poll

Cloud computing can be a powerful tool for any organization, but what is cloud computing and how can organizations use it to their advantage? Well, put on your rain slicker, pull up the windsock, and check the Doppler, cause we're chasing this storm!

Orange Cones.
No Phones.

How do you make people take notice and change their behavior?

Just make an orange traffic cone the spokesperson, silly.

Power Up Government

Could an email be considered a love note? If that one cogitation is true, then we are addicted to love, because we cannot keep our eyes off our smartphones. But we offer a paradigm of hope, or at least that's what we want you to believe. Click ahead – you'll love it.


Transurban called and asked if we could build a full CMS, tolling system integrated, transponder driven, OMG cool website. We said, "Drive straight down King Street and turn left into yes we can!"


In order to bring in funds for its service men and women, the USO needed a website and a recognizable way to stand out. Sure, a website's not jazz hands and high kicks, but it certainly keeps the soldiers entertained.

CDW-G 21st-Century
Campus & Classroom Report

What is technology's impact on America's schools and universities? If you really want to know, go directly to the source – students, educators, IT professionals, and administrators. So grab your backpack and your Dukes of Hazzard lunch box – we're going back to school.

Army's Off-Duty Network

"Yes. Yes. And yes." The three words we told the U.S. Army's G-1 when leaders asked if we were experienced with social media, had built a social network, and could create one for them. Sometimes a simple "yes" can be very powerful.

CDW Healthcare
Physician Practice EHR Price Tag and Elevated Heart Rates

A doctor went to his IT provider and said, "It hurts when I think about EHR." The IT provider said, "Then don't think about it."

CDW wanted a better answer.

A New Groove for Tech Marketing

Yesterday’s tech marketing is so – well, 1990. Old ideas are sapping marketing's mojo – CDW wanted to bring it back. They asked for our help establishing the new groove and we said, "Yeah baby, yeah!"